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Schultz Painting is a very reputable local painting contractor serving Long Beach, Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, and Rossmoor, California.

                                                                             Hello, I'm John Schultz, the owner-operator of our painting company.  My professional painting crew and I pride ourselves on maintaining high standards of both workmanship and ethics.

Our jobs are built to last.  We believe that the painter's role goes beyond aesthetics.  We also work to preserve and improve your building.  Our quality approach can save you money in the long run.          
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       Phone:  (562) 438-4951

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Schultz Painting Contractor- providing Residential, Commercial Interior & Exterior Professional Painting services in Long Beach, Belmont Shore, Naples Island, Seal Beach, Rossmoor, Huntington Beach, Los Alamitos and Surrounding Areas in Southern California. We are painter Long Beach, CA - painting Long Beach, CA - house painting Long Beach, CA - residential painting Long Beach, CA - painter Belmont Shore, CA - painting Belmont Shore, CA - house painting Belmont Shore, CA - residential painting Belmont Shore, CA - painter Lakewood, CA - painting Lakewood, CA - house painting Lakewood, CA - residential painting Lakewood, CA - painter Los Alamitos, CA - painting Los Alamitos, CA - house painting Los Alamitos, CA - residential painting Los Alamitos, CA - painter Rossmoor, CA - painting Rossmoor, CA - house painting Rossmoor, CA - residential painting Rossmoor, CA - painter Seal Beach, CA - painting Seal Beach, CA - house painting Seal Beach, CA - residential painting Seal Beach, CA - painter Huntington Beach, CA - painting Huntington Beach, CA - house painting Huntington Beach, CA - residential painting Huntington Beach, CA - painter Cerritos, CA - painting Cerritos, CA - house painting Cerritos, CA - residential painting Cerritos, CA - painter Cypress, CA - painting Cypress, CA - house painting Cypress, CA - residential painting Cypress, CA - painter Garden Grove, CA - painting Garden Grove, CA - house painting Garden Grove, CA - residential painting Garden Grove, CA

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