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 New Paint Materials Q & A:

Is oil paint still available?  Yes, "alkyd" paint is still sold, and is very good for many purposes, such as interior trim and exterior metal.  These products, however, are not the same as your grandpa's oil base paint.  As a class, they are more likely to develop black mildew, chalking, and to become brittle in sunny locations.  Fortunately, acrylic paints just keeps getting better.  The durability is excellent when properly applied to a sound surface.  And, of course, modern acrylic paints are less toxic than old oil paints.

What is the best paint?  A good painting contractor or paint store can select appropriate types of paint for different applications.  Most major brands have good products, and are preferable (we use a lot of Benjamin Moore paint, learn more at http://benjaminmoore.com). But a favorite brand name only goes so far because each brand has a variety of grades and applications.  For example, "good" paint is right for a ceiling, but interior walls and trim are usually worth using the "best" grade.

Are there new products that allow you to "never paint again"?  No, and misleading claims can be seductive.  There are, however, some products we use to help paint last longer, including Elastomeric paints and patching compounds, which can resist cracking and water penetration by flexing and stretching.
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